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Friday, June 20, 2014

Mid year Changes...

Its been a very really busy month. May vacation has long gone & the newly changed half year is here. Office & home are both hectic. Katz is still on the low fat diet & I sure have found many recipes for him. He kinda looked changed ie., bit thin :P.. I will definitely post them here with pics. I'm planning on changing the look of my kitchen and right now purchasing the required items. As mom & dad are leaving next month, it will going to be a very hard time for me. My certification exam is round the corner and I hope I will finish it off with a very good score.. So a change in my resume is around the corner too :)

One more change that I made has to do with this blog name - from alphaqueen to itsy-bitsy-affairs. It is kinda well suited i guess. I'm planning on changing the format of the blog too, that is - as soon as I figure it out how to change :P

Also on the beauty front, I'm trying out some cosmetic/skin care products, for which I will post the review soon. I also got my June Ipsy Bag, which is yet to be tried out. Will definitely update on everything as soon as I can.. 

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