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Friday, January 30, 2015

New Year wishes & Lip Monthly reviews

Lets start the post with hearty warm wishes for a great New Year.
I've been very busy lately and not really sitting down with my laptop after work. I keep reminding myself to write reviews for some amazing things I've been receiving, to post recipes that came out fantastic.. but these were like the early morning alarm snoozes, that I kept hitting to set it later.
I really have an armful of things to tell everyone and thought why not start now, fresh again..
So here it is.. My first post of 2015.

In my earlier post I had mentioned about Lip monthly, relatively a new subscription for lip products.
I'm getting the bags since Sept 2014 and the products have been a hit or miss (depending on the product itself or the color) But I do really have to agree about the value of the products. Though the cost is 10$, the value varies from $15 to $60 (the latest Jan bag).

I'm just going to review this month bag and include pictures for the previous bags.

January 2015:

Lip Monthly bags usually have 3-4 lip based products and 1 other beauty related product.
I got 4 products in this bag:

* OFRA - Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Full size - $19.90
This lipstick color is really good foe my skin tone and it looks like a matte lipstick in liquid form. Unfortunately the piece I had was very clumpy & bit dry. I've emailed Lip monthly & they agreed to send a replacement.

* MICA - Lip Color Pot - Full size - $14.50
This has a deep blood color (could be red wine, but mislabeled as velvet rose, which is a lip balam color from Mica). It feels like butter, literally.. so smooth & rich.. A definite win.. 

* ECOLIPS - Tinted Balm - Full size - $4.49
This is a sheer rose colored mineral-tinted lip balm. Very smooth application that gives a mild rose color to the lips.

* MMU: Harvey Prince - Imperial Gardenia - Sample (Lip monthly card says its $12 worth)
This is a sample size of a really costly brand of fragrance. The small sample via is said to be $12. But frankly I'm not sure if its worth that much. It has a deep garden scent with strong undertones of jasmine.. The vial was just like the sample size we usually get from Ulta or Sephora and disappointingly mine was not even full.

But altogether this bag was worth $50.89. Pretty good value for a $10 bag.

Hoping the next Feb bag would be a valentine's special & a great one. There are some offers currently on for this subscription,
* "SUMMERLIPS" to get 1st month for only $5.99 
* "2FREE" to get 2 Months FREE on Annual Subscriptions!
* "1ST299" to get your first bag for only $2.99 on 4 Month Subscriptions! 
Use this link: LipMonthly

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