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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Julep Maven Valentine Welcome Box Review

Julep Maven is a beauty subscription service which send over $40 worth of new beauty innovations and/or limited-run nail colors. We can customize or upgrade the box we get, can opt to skip a month & send it to a friend..

As a new customer, I got the Valentine Welcome box free and had to pay only $2.99 for shipping.
I was very much happy with the shipping speed as I just joined on 5th Feb , but got my Julep box today, in just 2 days or (1.5 days :) who is counting the hours???!!!)

Anyway, it was a cute pink box, with a coupon for 50% off for Julep products and 3 nail colors (awesome ones by the way!!!) and a nice lip gloss. Pics as below:

1. Fifi - IT Girl -> this is a very pale pink color. Might need 2-3 coats to have an opaque feel. Looks similar to Maybelline Color Show pale pink color.

2. Myriam - Classic with a twist -> This is a deep coral color . in between pink & red

3. Hartleigh - Classic with a twist -> This is the shimmer one with white dots & red hearts & lots of shimmer. This would look good on any pale base color coat, especially with pink shades.

4. Charming - Sheer shiny gloss - a mavue-ish pink color. It gives a smooth buttery finish.

I would definitely say this box is an absolute steal as the box itself was free to new subscribers.
Once we join & give our beauty profile details, every month 20-24th, the picks for our box gets displayed. We can either choose to get the same box, or add /replace products or gift it to a friend.. If  not comfortable with any of these options, you can very well skip the box for that month.

They also offer Jules points for ordering the box or for referring friends.. And once we get  2000 points, we get a free box.
 Now, for the Welcome box, when we join, we get the below Glam & Glitz box:

If you want to get these amazing products, Join here JULEP.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes :) Now they have the Glam & Glitz Box as the welcome box. It is red carpet worthy :)

  2. You have a lovely blog! I love your style of writing and photos!

    I have never tried Juliep finger nail polish before, but I've always wanted to. I really love the red! I definitely want! Thanks for sharing, your nails look amazing!

    -Country Girl Blogging-

    1. Thank You :) You could use the link in my post to get yours. But you'll get the Glam & Glitz box :)

  3. I just seen this $2.99 deal and was thinking about getting it! It looks like a great steal for that price. I love the nail colors!

    1. yes.. thanks :) But now they give the Glam & Glitz box, pic above in the post..