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Friday, April 17, 2015

How about a new giveaway???


                     Do you know many of the stores have deep discounts & sales for Mother's Day... I've been doing some exciting shopping lately and would like to share the loot with my friends & fans. So what do you think.. Enter the poll & share your comment as to what you would like to win ( jewelry, gift card, chocolates, makeup, etc) in this giveaway!!! 

You never know .. what you wish for might just be what you win :)

What type of giveaway do you like to see ??

Flash giveaway (with 1 prize )
Prize basket giveaway (longer duration to enter & more prizes)

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  1. Thanks for all the comments & votes.. The new giveaway will be announced shortly. Thank you so much for the response..

  2. I like the gift card giveaway so you can use or get something tailored for you. But it is nice to see a basket or package p it together also

  3. I would like the prize basket that way i have a chance to win!