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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco De Mayo - Flash Giveaway!!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo friends!!! I love Mexican food and though I don't celebrate this festival, I love to party with those who celebrate and eat spicy food :) 

I would certainly love to hear from you about how you celebrate this festival and what do you cook.. Let me know in the comments.

Also please check out the below link and let me know which nail color you love the best. 

Julep Maven Cinco De Mayo Specials

This is a flash giveaway from Itsybitsyaffairs and will be open only till 9 PM CST today (5th May 205).

One random winner will be selected (based on your comments from this post) in this flash giveaway to win their favorite Nail Color from Julep.. You never know it could be you!!! :D

Good Luck!!!


  1. We are having chicken fajitas, borracho beans & Mexican cilantro rice for dinner. We actually had our celebration over the weekend so that we could enjoy some margaritas & tequila shots without having to go to work the next morning!
    I love so many of those nail colors. I think my favorites are Evelyn, Veronica & Karmen. I'm looking at my nails right now & they really could use some new color!

  2. Spending the evening with my family!

  3. Drinking margaritas with my friends while enjoying a nice Bon fire!

  4. I spend the night with my friends and family! I love Mexican rice. Maybe I will make that next year! I love the Eden color! It is so pretty!

  5. I spend the night with my friends! We make Mexican rice and watch movies. I love the Kyla color!

  6. we dont celebrate cinco de mayo but today n tonite me n my neighbors all gathered tog n hung out. colors i liked: Ada, Everly, Hartleigh (my fave!!!), Shoshanna, Gunta, Mia, Annie, Lena, Marion, Ciara, Alex, Missy n Max!! Dang thats alot i like lol

  7. Thanks Everyone for the comments & entries. Winner was chosen yesterday night - Kim Kenny.. Stay tuned for more such giveaways!!

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  9. I don't celebrate cinco de mayo. But I am making homemade oatmeal raisin cookies for open house at the social club.