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Friday, November 11, 2011

Lets toast to Nouveau Commencement / Neuanfang.. Or in plain English: New Beginning

Today being an auspicious day and all (11/11/11), I thought I should start writing my blog.. I've been postponing this due to 100 reasons, 99 being my laziness :) So here we go on.. get ready folks & fasten your seat belts;  'coz we gonna travel in all walks of life & in all speeds & directions.. from technology to kitchen to art to science and of course gossips :) I just don't want to limit the blog solely for cooking or weight-loss stuff or just everyday musings.. I want it to be nothing less of a journal containing everything I come across, being @home or @work.. Its about the minuscule things which is making me manage my life & family happily :)

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