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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Its been 7 months since I came to USA.. I've never felt home sick till now.. (Of course this is my home and I'm living with my husband.. I meant my birth home).. Not even on my 1st wedding anniv, my 2nd engagement anniv, nor diwali, dussera and what not... But sudden sweep of nostalgia, making my eyes to brim with tears and memories flooding my mind and aching in my heart.. Its my brother's bday today.. And I realize I miss him so so much.. Thought he had been so young (6 yrs younger), he was more of a friend to me than a brother. We used to celebrate our birthdays together every year (You see .. mine's tomo :) ).. I really miss those moments which I spent with him.. All those fights for a better bday dress, chocolates, size of cake slices, gifts and treats (Well... I end up giving him treat every single year .. but tatz doesnt really matter right  now.. Does it??) I know he misses me too and I wish I could be wit my parents & bro atleast for next bday.. I could feel tears in my dad's voice when he said he couldnt get me dress for this bday.. Felt really sad.. Times like this makes me feel if this new world is all worth of it.. I'm really happy with my husband.. But I miss my home too.. Wish we were all together.... *sigh*....

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