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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm back!!!

Hmmm.. Its been so long since I wrote anything. Life has been so busy with pregnancy, new office, parents visit and now that the little angel is also here, my mind wanders off to exotic locations for vacations without even a minute's notice.
People have told motherhood is soooo tiring. But I realized its more easier said than done to cope up a high demanding job juggling with usual house work and above all attending an infant.
It helped a lot as my in laws and parents were here, taking turns.
Health issues, office politics, On & Off love life, diminshing savings, dripping bibs, loads of laundry and above all what to cook everyday.. Facing crisis just like typical working woman in the starting stages of motherhood..
Situations like this, tremendously makes me miss my childhood home, fun filled good old days where I had no care in the world and enjoyed my singledom !!!
Got to concentrate at things in hand.. The day care hunt has started for a temporary setup until we pull in one/other parents for a visit again.
Have to catch up with office goals too.. Anyways, how does one reduce the baby fat after delivery ??? Huff.. its such a tough job.. Despite working out, diet control, anything, i'm yet to return to my pre-preggy weight..
Things are going tough, but I'm hanging on. Will surely continue posting, coz thatz the least I could do to be myself!!

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