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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy 3rd Anniv :)

Just cant believe its been 3 years.. Time just flies fast.. I still remember the nervous night before the wedding.. Oh yeah.. we had our spat even on that night :P Isnt that just typical of us- squabbling kids.. To think of that brings quiet chuckles everytime.
Life is whizzing by .. it just looked that we got married just yesterday and now its our 3rd anniversary :) So much has happened in this frame and I hardly can imagine going through each one of them without my hubby Katz..
He has been in every thick & thin, whim & fancy, tears and smiles of my life.. Added to our joy is our baby girl Princess Sami :) I thought getting married to Katz was really the best thing happened to me.. but when I had my princess, it was THE best thing :) She is really a blessing and it just knocks the wind out of me and swells my heart to look at both of my sweet hearts and cherish the family we have made..
I may not be the perfect wife or the best mom in the world, but I'm the reason for their happiness.. I'm really happy and proud to have them in my life..

Happy Anniversary dear Katz.. Love you..

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