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Friday, December 27, 2013

At the year end...

Well.. its almost the year end.. So much has happened in this year and I really wanted to blog each & every time.. But it just keeps slipping by.. Lost a friend coz of suicide.. so much of official issues & responsibilities.. celebrated sami's 1st bday.. visited India after 2 years.. a mixture of odds & ends.. One of my regrets is not spending enough time for myself & just for myself.. Could've written so many posts, maintained health more.. tried new recipes.. painted a few or read a few.. But.. missed out an entire year with just office & home eating up all my space..
Hoping the new year give me good sense & strength to manage my time & to satisfy all my thirsts.. Guess what!!! my next year goal list is already piling up.. weight management, certifications, personal makeover and of course blogging too.. I really wish everyone a great new year in advance.. Dont ever lose sight of your passions.. Just go for them... Good Luck!!!

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