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Monday, August 3, 2015

Crest Pro Health® HD™ - Review

   I love chocolates.. There starts the problem for my big teeth. I suffered from yellowing of teeth & slightly bad morning breath.. But then I was given a sample of Crest Pro-Health [HD] to try out. This is a god sent toothpaste to whiten teeth. With no strips or any other whitening mechanism, Crest Pro Health® HD™ is a two paste-tubes wonder. It isolates key ingredients into two separate steps to deliver outstanding results:
  • Step One (paste 1): is a purifying cleanser, containing optimized active ingredient stannous fluoride, which strips plaque away and helps reverse gingivitis while fighting cavities.
  • Step Two (paste 2): is a perfecting gel, formulated with hydrogen peroxide, which whitens and polishes teeth by removing surface stains leaving your mouth with an amazing clean.
   I had to brush with paste 1 for a minute & then without rinsing, brush with paste 2. So altogether, 2 min for healthier, whiter & fresher teeth.

            I’ve tried numerous toothpastes on the market that promised to whiter teeth. They either left my teeth in a throbbing ache or they failed to deliver fresher & whiter teeth. But with Crest Pro Health HD, my teeth are whiter and feel cleaner than when brushing with ordinary toothpaste! Finally, a product that whitens teeth without trays or strips and that doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity! It also helps in freshening the morning breath.. More than me, my husband is now a firm believer in Crest Pro Heath HD.

Note: Both the toothpastes are made of fluoride toothpaste for anti cavity and antigingivities whitening gel. Hence they can be used for persons older than 12 only.
This product gives you 6x healthier mouth and 6x whiter teeth in 1 week. Guaranteed!!!
If you want to try this product, it is available across all major stores like Walmart/ Target & also online @ Amazon.
I received one or more of the products in my reviews for free/in discount. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my followers/reader/friends.


  1. I use The Crest Pro-Health mouthwash in the morning, before my roommate helps me with my hair, so I don't offend her with my morning breath. That works pretty well. I wonder how this would work for chipped teeth?

    1. I believe it would work so. My friend had a couple of chipped ones and it seems to work good on him. Did you try it out?